Tool Room / Inventory Control Associate

Bremerton, WA posted on October 11

  • Job Description

    •        Inventory, control and coordinate the transfer of tools and equipment.

    •        Execute and maintain accurate transaction records for the issue and receipt of company tools (including rental items) and tool room materials

    •        Assure compliance with company tool room policies

    •        Inspect all materials and equipment received and verify correctness of shipment against purchase orders, packing slips and other shipping documents, Objective Quality Evidence and Certificates of Compliance or other validating information.

    •        Inspect all shipments received for damage and document same; report damage to the appropriate parties

    •        Document and track the transfer of materials and equipment between locations; assure transferred items are properly packaged and handled

    •        Assure all material and equipment tagging requirements are executed and maintained

    •        Issue and receive company tools (including rental items) and tool room materials inventories and maintain accurate data base of all transactions

    •        Order and track status of all consumables and equipment.

    •        Prepare all calibration equipment for shipment and process and retain all new certifications.


    Job Requirements


    •        Minimum 6 months experience in material control position or related field

    •        Verbal and written communication skills

    •        Understanding of marine and industrial materials, equipment and tools for purposes of accurate identification

    •        Able to learn and effectively use company cost accounting and tool tracking software

    •        Able to use and/or obtain an operator’s license for pallet trucks, forklifts, and commercial trucks

    •        Able to lift 50 lbs

    •        Must be able to access all work locations, government and private shipyards and/or vessels.

  • Wage